Breastfeeding and parenting resources

Breastfeeding information

As well as getting the right support and encouragement for breastfeeding, it’s really important to get correct, helpful information. These are my go-to websites for breastfeeding information. They are all evidenced-based sources of clear, up-to-date, independent and accurate information from people and organisations who understand breastfeeding.

Infant feeding

If you are looking for information and guidance about infant milks (formula) First Steps Nutrition Trust is an excellent source. It’s an independent charity, with no commercial interests, so you can trust that the information is accurate, unbiased to help you make choices for your family. It provides information and resources to support eating well from pre-conception to five years.

Infant sleep

When you have a baby, the topic of sleep will most likely be one of the main things you think about, talk about or get asked about. Everyone will have their thoughts on what you should or shouldn’t be doing and what you can expect your baby to do. Having realistic expectations about what’s normal for babies, can help you cope in the early months (perhaps years!). The Baby Sleep Information Source website at Durham University presents research evidence about biologically normal sleep for human babies. It’s a great place to begin for any sleep-related questions or concerns you might have.

Local breastfeeding support

Cambridge is a great place to have a baby and to access support if you need some help or information. In addition to the NHS drop-ins, there are other places where you can spend time with trained breastfeeding counsellors or lactation consultants to help you if you need some face to face support. Two of these free sources of support are:

Cambridge Breastfeeding Alliance -

La Leche League Cambridge -

For more about doulas

If you wanted to find out more about doulas, and how doulas can help you in the before, during and after the birth of your baby, you could look at the Developing Doulas Website. I trained with Developing Doulas and offer companionship/mentoring to new Doulas. If you are a doula looking for mentoring, please do get in touch!

There you can also find a directory of Doulas who can support you:

Doula UK is the non-profit organisation for doulas in the UK, with a network of 700 doulas. I am recognised by Doula UK as postnatal doula.

Doula UK website

And to find out more about your local doulas, and to help you find the right person for you and your family, we are a group of self-employed doulas working together to support each other and to offer you a one-stop-shop to finding a doula in the Cambridgeshire area.