Developing Doulas Companion

I am delighted to be able to offer Companionship support for new and existing doulas.

I am part of the Developing Doulas Companionship Programme, which is a doula mentorship programme for new and more experienced doulas. It is designed to complement the Doula UK Recognition Process, or it can be your main source of support if you can’t, or don’t choose to, join Doula UK

Photo of Developing Doulas companion Justine Fieth


I offer Primary Companionship for postnatal doulas and can support you as you work with your first few postnatal clients. Together, we can work out how best to do that so you feel supported. Usually that means that we will work together, talking through any concerns or questions that you might have as you work with your first four or five clients. As your time with each client comes to an end we will take the time to debrief and talk through your reflections and your clients’ feedback. When we feel the time is right you will then be acknowledged to the doula community.

Pricing for primary companionship is £60 per debrief (normally five plus a final acknowledgement session, so up to a maximum of £360). The fee can be broken down and paid per debrief. ​This price includes regular phone calls, meet ups and chats, as and when appropriate.

I also offer Specialist Companionship sessions on topics that I have additional training and experience in including:

  • Breastfeeding/Infant feeding
  • Breastfeeding grief and trauma
  • Debriefing your own infant feeding journey

Specialist companion sessions are charged at £25 an hour.

Any ongoing support can be continued at an agreed rate.

If you are just starting out as a new birth or postnatal doula and are looking for support and mentorship as you begin your doula work, do get in touch and we can have an initial chat. It’s important you find the right Companion for you – just like when families are looking for a doula.