Breastfeeding and Infant Feeding Support

"Justine was the primary reason that I was able to successfully breastfeed my daughter, and I am grateful for her support and encouragement. "

As a trained breastfeeding counsellor, I can help and support you as you and your baby get to know each other and learn to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding support witha new mother

Breastfeeding and infant feeding support

I am passionate that anyone who wants to breastfeed should be given the support they need to make that happen – and skilled, informed support when things aren’t going smoothly.

I have been supporting parents since 2011 and spend much of my time working one to one with parents to support them in their breastfeeding goals.

I have experience of supporting families with a wide range of infant feeding situations, including:

  • Antenatal support to prepare for getting breastfeeding off to the best start
  • Premature babies
  • Slow weight gain babies
  • Twins
  • Babies with tongue-tie (including recognising symptoms, signposting to specialist support and post-division support) Please note I cannot diagnose a tongue-tie which only be done by a tongue-tie practitioner.
  • Supplemental feeding at the breast or topping up via different methods
  • Combination feeding and bottle feeding
  • Exclusively pumping
  • Breastfeeding with supply issues or breast hypoplasia
  • Using donor milk
  • Inducing lactation
  • Starting solids
  • Older babies and toddlers
  • Tandem nursing and pregnancy and breastfeeding

First visit, at home or hospital, normally lasts up to two hours and costs £70. Then, £35 an hour for follow-up visits. Ongoing WhatsApp/phone/email support to be agreed between us.

Or a 10-hour package for £300 to be used in the first four weeks after your baby's birth. 

Or online via video link. £28 an hour with follow-up.

"Justine was with me from the day of my daughter’s birth, and whenever I needed her throughout the two years I breastfed. She provided great advice and reassurance. This made a big difference to my emotional wellbeing. I spent less time worrying about feeding and more time enjoying my daughter and family. Justine’s experience and caring nature are what make her so invaluable during this important time."

Preparing to breastfeed

Spending time thinking about how to get breastfeeding off to a good start, can make a huge difference. We can spend time together looking at how breastfeeding works, what you and you baby need to help breastfeeding go smoothly and how to avoid and overcome challenges you may face. I can answer your concerns and questions.

If you are having your second baby and things didn’t go as you wanted last time, we can learn from what happened and together come up with a plan for how this time could be different.

Antenatal Beginning Breastfeeding Session

A two-hour, informal, antenatal session to help you and your baby get breastfeeding off to a good start in the comfort of your home. We will cover concerns or questions you have, and include:

  • How breastfeeding works
  • The early days
  • The basics of comfortable breastfeeding
  • Avoiding and overcoming challenges
  • How to get support
  • Normal newborn behaviour
  • Your questions and concerns

Antenatal session £60

When I was pregnant with my first child, I knew I was keen to breastfeed. The session I had with Justine really helped me to understand how to get breastfeeding off to a good start and she was able to help me to feel confident in knowing what I was doing once my baby arrived. After the birth, Justine helped me navigate through the tricky waters of my baby having a tongue tie and severe reflux and my baby and I enjoyed breastfeeding until she was ready to stop on her own accord. I have recommended the sessions Justine offers to numerous people and am very grateful for her wisdom. “

Breastfeeding Basics Cambridge

Together with my colleague Maddie McMahon, these small groups (maximum 3 couples) in a comfortable venue in Cambridge help prepare you for breastfeeding your baby. As well as learning and exploring your feelings around the various joys and challenges of baby feeding, the session gives you the opportunity to get to know some other parents.

Email me for information about future dates.

 “Justine and Maddie are professional, helpful, knowledgeable, and above all so warm and understanding that I found their support essential and an amazing shoulder in the months before and after childbirth. I would not hesitate to recommend them for all women who are worried about what challenges breastfeeding might bring or simply want to be informed and well prepared to simply enjoy the blissfulness of having a baby.”

From £50 for a 2 hour session.

Support in the early days

Your body and your baby expect to breastfeed. Sometimes, all you need to get breastfeeding off to a good start is to have someone who understands breastfeeding by your side for the first few days.

As a breastfeeding counsellor, I can spend time with you right from the beginning to help you listen to your instincts and help your baby do what he or she is hardwired to do. You and your baby will know what to do – and I can be there to encourage and reassure you.

I can be with you soon after your baby’s birth and spend time with you over the early important days of establishing breastfeeding.

First in-person visit, at home or hospital, normally lasts up to two hours and costs £70. Then £35 an hour for follow-up visits. Ongoing WhatsApp/phone/email support to be agreed between us.

Or a 10-hour package for £300 to be used in the first four weeks after your baby's birth. 

Or online via video link. £28 an hour with follow-up. 

Overcoming challenges

“Breastfeeding problems have breastfeeding solutions”

You may get off to a smooth start, with no problems. Many mothers do – but sometimes you and your baby need a little more support and knowledge to overcome early challenges – whatever they might be. If you are finding it difficult or things aren’t going to plan, get skilled help soon.

Together we can work out what’s going on and can look practically at how your baby is positioned and latching. We can make sure it is comfortable for you, and your baby is getting the milk he or she needs effectively.

Most breastfeeding challenges can be overcome with the right, informed support from a qualified breastfeeding supporter. We can come up with a plan to make things better, for both you and your baby. I can help you find your way in the local network of providers if you need additional specialist support.

First visit normally lasts up to two hours and costs £70 for the session. Then £35 an hour for follow-up visits. Ongoing WhatsApp /phone/email support to be agreed between us.

Or I can support you online via video link. £28 an hour with follow-up.

Older babies

As your baby grows, you may have new questions or concerns. I can support you with information and ideas at each stage. I offer a telephone appointment service as well as home visits for the older baby.

This might include:

  • what’s normal after the early months
  • avoiding and overcoming new challenges
  • introducing your baby to family foods (starting solids)
  • returning to work
  • toddler nursing
  • managing other’s expectations
  • fertility and breastfeeding
  • breastfeeding when pregnant. 

At home £35 an hour or online via video call £28 an hour.


If you have a question and would like to chat about how I can support you with breastfeeding or infant feeding more generally, please get in touch to arrange an appointment.